CIOs step inside the mind of a security hacker

Does your board question the company’s approach to security? It should. Understanding your opponents can help break the cyber kill chain. Think like your opponent in this multi-player game. Begin with a framework that covers policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistency – earn trust.25 best cities for jobsTech positions are among the in-demand jobs in most of the 25 citiesREAD NOWMedical and healthcare breachesThe cost of a data breach is increasing The Ponemon Institute partners with IBM to produce the 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: The Impact of Business Continuity Management (BCM) report. The report analyzed 383 companies, in 12 different countries, across 16 industries including healthcare.  The average cost of unauthorized data access is between USD $149 USD $167 per record, with the total cost of a data breach ranging from USD $3.7 million to USD $4.29 million. In the medical and healthcare category since January 2016, there have been 158 reported data breaches, according to the June ITRC Breach Report. The Identity Theft Resource Center publishes the ITRC Breach database that is updated on a daily basis and posted to the ITRC website every Tuesday.Healthcare accounted for 33.4 percent of total breaches in 2016 (as of June 14, 2016), with a reported total of 4.3 million records breached. Healthcare organizations from California to Florida reported data breaches due to unauthorized access including Florida Hospital Medical Group, OptumRx, CVS Alabama Pharmacy, Kaiser Permanente – Inland Empire, MedStar Health, CareCentrix, Blue Shield of California, and Integrated Health Solutions / Bizmatics. If these well-known organizations can be breached, who’s safe? How do organizations protect themselves? ADVERTISINGIt’s worth noting that 36 of the medical and healthcare companies that experienced a data breach have not reported the exact count of records breached. CIOs must understand their opponents, break the cyber kill chain, and leverage frameworks that are proven to proactively address the threat of data breaches.

Source: CIOs step inside the mind of a security hacker | CIO

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