Internet-Connected TVs Reach Age Of Majority 

Sixty percent of people ages 12 and older live in a household with an Internet-connected TV, up from 58 percent in a year-ago survey and 51 percent in a 2014 survey.That’s according to the Infinite Dial survey conducted in January and February by Edison Research and Triton Digital, a provider of online advertising technology.The Internet-connected[…]

Have you changed your Punctuation?

I recently overheard a coaching session focused on a sales call. When I heard the coach state “..we need to change our punctuation from ! (Exclamations) to ? (Questions)” I began to think about his point. As sales professionals, what would the impact be if we spent more time asking questions as opposed to exclaiming[…]


If you’re writing APIs by hand, you might as well be using an Abacus!

The first Abacus (“‘calculating board’ or ‘calculating table’) was invented around 500 B.C. and is often referred to as the first computer. The Abacus is an instrument used to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to calculate fractions and square roots. This tool sped up the process of calculating these numbers and increase the accuracy of the[…]

44% of Top Retailers’ Online Sales Move To Mobile 

For online shopping, smartphones continue on a tear while tablets fade.Smartphones now account for 60% of all mobile transactions in the U.S., compared to 52% just a year ago.However, while the actual purchase may occur on a smartphone or desktop, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of the shopping activity occurred on that device, according to[…]

Samsung commercialises ARTIK chip in IoT push 

Samsung has finally commercially launched its ARTIK family of chips for IoT businesses after unveiling them last May in San Francisco.ARTIK is a one-stop chip module that has a built-in application processor, modem chip, memory chip, and sensor, as well as supporting software, drivers, storage, security, development board, and cloud in the software front. ARTIK[…]

Why Brands Should Embrace Cinemagraphs for Storytelling

As the new year gets underway, brands need to be paying attention to cinemagraphs for visual storytelling, because each image has all the visual punch and immediacy of video, without the barrier to entry of a play button.The word “cinemagraph” stands for part cinema (moving image) and part photograph (static image). While part of the[…]