Maryland health institutions join forces to combat cyberattacks

At least six major health systems across the country have suffered debilitating cyberattacks this year, including most recently Columbia-based MedStar Health. The rate has unsettled health system information technology administrators who are now working together to block future attacks.The constant threat of a breach — as well as a hack at the University of Maryland,[…]

One tweet can go a long way!

Recently, I was traveling and booked in a seat that didn’t quite excite me for the almost three- hour flight. I checked in 24 hours in advance and monitored the seat map throughout the day, hoping a better seat would become available. I really wanted the leg room of an emergency row seat. I was[…]

HIMSS: 52% of Hospitals Currently Use 3 or More Connected Health Technologies

According to the new 2016 HIMSS Connected Health Survey, more than 50 percent of hospitals currently use three or more connected health technologies with many organizations planning to implement additional technologies to improve engagement and quality of care with patients. The survey reveals an optimistic outlook on the emerging trend of connectivity within the healthcare ecosystem.Conducted in[…]

SendGrid Deprecates Several API Endpoints 

SendGrid, a Colorado-based email delivery service, announced they are sunsetting two of their API endpoints this month. In a short email sent to their API consumers, Sendgrid stated that all API calls must now use a new base URL. They also directed developers to reference SendGrid’s new API documentation or to contact them through their[…]

Brands bring surprise back to Super Bowl advertising online 

Pepsi is not waiting for halftime at the Super Bowl to put on a marketing show.The brand is building up to the moment when Coldplay will take the field with a social media campaign splashed across every platform from its own website to Twitter to Facebook. Instead of just putting a commercial on YouTube ahead of time, like[…]

Use External Data In Your AdWords Campaigns With Scripts To Call APIs

The 2016 Presidential primary race is in full swing here in the United States. You really can’t go anywhere without hearing the latest polling results. While these polls certainly have their shortcomings, they are widely used to make predictions on almost all things relating to elections or public policy.With AdWords Scripts, there are things you[…]