The best TED talk to watch for anyone who hires or might one day be in the position to make a hiring decision (HR & Hiring Managers)

We’ve all applied for jobs we thought were just the right fit, but for whatever reason, many times unbeknownst to us, we’re not chosen, even for a preliminary interview. We feel confident that we’ve got the right stuff and would definitely excel in the organization. Even if we are not the perfect candidate on paper,[…]


‘We’re a Media Company Now’: Inside Marriott’s Incredible Money-Making Content Studio

When you walk into the ground floor of Marriott’s headquarters, it fittingly looks like the lobby of a modern hotel—chic white lounges, cozy pods, even a friendly receptionist. But then you notice nine flashing screens encased in glass walls, like a TV control room that has been teleported from Hollywood to Bethesda, Maryland. In a[…]

Are you Vanilla or Neapolitan?

        A simple yet difficult question that can determine your success or failure. What do I mean? If the way you approach sales is no different and too similar to your competition, you’ll be seen as vanilla. In today’s fast paced world, selling must be based on your unique differences if you’re[…]

Sales Combat: Have we been training the troops for the Battle?

  On average, how many hours would a typical, professional athlete need to train per week in order to consistently win? Five hours per week? Ten hours per week? What if they didn’t practice at all? Would you still expect to win? I think we would all agree that without training, coming in 2nd, 3rd,[…]