Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi Combo: The New Mobile Presence 

Beacons are becoming so yesterday.Not beaconing, for sure, but the actual standalone, battery-operated, radio-transmitting beacon.Beacons aren’t actually going away, they’re becoming embedded into other things, from lighting to Wi-Fi access points in large stores.More importantly, the location data from beaconing is now becoming much more integrated with other location data, such as from Wi-Fi and GPS signals.I spent some time at the headquarters of Swirl the other day to get a read on this new value proposition.I’ve been pretty closely tracking Swirl since when it was a small Boston startup.Many thought Swirl was a beacon company, since it used beacons in stores for retailers to capture and utilize data. However, it really was always a company that leveraged location for its advertising platform.At the time, beacons happened to be the most efficient way to more precisely target shoppers.But over time, beacons became part of a larger scheme.In the case of Swirl, beacon location is now being used in conjunction with Wi-Fi and GPS, said Rob Murphy, vice president of marketing.The company has some significant beacon-empowered installations at retailers including Lord & Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Alex and Ani, Timberland and Hudson’s Bay and its investors ($32 million so far) include Twitter, SoftBank, Simon and Hearst.

Source: Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi Combo: The New Mobile Presence 06/06/2016

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