How bandwidth thieves will be nabbed in the future

Experts say spectrum pilfering is going to become a major industrial problem as software-defined radio becomes more prevalent. Software-defined radio allows frequencies and bands to be simply altered in a device through coding rather than via expensive hardware changes.firefox introWhy I switched back to FirefoxRemember when you ditched Firefox for Chrome and pinkie-swore you’d never go back? Yeah, me too.Read NowLocating and detecting thieves who are looting bandwidth on radio spectrum could become easier, however, once a crowdsourcing project gets going.+ Also on Network World: Auto thieves adopting cybercrime-like tactics +The National Science Foundation will be investing $1 million over three years in a poaching detection project led by researchers at the University of Utah, School of Computing.With this project, mobile phone and laptop users will be tasked with collecting data about bandwidth use, using software that runs in the background, the university says in a release on its website.“We crowdsource for business startups, art projects, inventions, even families in need. So why not ask cell phone users to contribute in helping catch high-tech thieves?” it says.

Source: How bandwidth thieves will be nabbed in the future | Network World

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