B2B Marketers Struggle to Create Effective Content Marketing Materials

More B2B marketers are realizing the benefits of content marketing as a method to generate leads and drive customer engagement. But even as marketers recognize the importance of the discipline, many still struggle with the logistics necessary to produce compelling content.SHARE17933511One reason for the uptick in B2B content marketing is a growing consensus among marketers that the discipline can be used to drive business results. According to June 2016 research by marketing intelligence firm Ascend2 into the most important goals for a content marketing strategy, 58% mentioned lead generation, while another 55% named customer engagement.In order to achieve these objectives, B2B marketers create a wide variety of content marketing materials, including white papers, videos, blogs, and more. Based on separate data from DemandWave, which looked at the content marketing tactics that drive leads for B2B marketers, 61% mentioned white papers, while another 58% mentioned webinars, the two most-popular answers.But even though B2B marketers recognize materials such as research reports, blogs and videos are effective, producing them is another matter entirely. In Ascend2’s study, which asked respondents to gauge the relative effectiveness of different types of content compared to the difficulty of creation, research reports and videos were ranked two of the most difficult content formats, even though they also ranked among the top three most effective.

Source: B2B Marketers Struggle to Create Effective Content Marketing Materials – eMarketer

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