B2B marketers start to see value in social media 

Social media is becoming a preferred channel for business-centric sales and marketing professionals, according to a new report from Forrester Research. While B2C marketers have been using social for years, it is now a crucial access point for establishing new and rewarding relationships in the enterprise, the report says. Download the May digital magazineCover story: How analytics transforms IoT data into business intelligenceREAD NOWB2B marketers still lag behind their consumer-focused peers, according to Forrester, but the gap is closing, and more businesses will likely follow the trend as the ROI of these programs becomes more apparent. Forrester says B2B companies should incorporate social selling into their marketing strategies through tighter collaboration between marketing and sales, and also devise game plans that automate as much of the process as possible.Top social media challenges, successful factors for B2B marketersWhile B2B social selling programs are becoming more popular, many companies “only dabble,” and have not officially launched programs or struggle to deliver measurable value, according to the research. After interviewing 17 companies that both sell and use social media tools, Forrester identified five of the most common challenges businesses face in B2B social marketing today: Securing commitment and buy-in from executivesEstablishing metrics for successUnderstanding the responsibilities of each stakeholderDetermining the right amount and diversity of contentIncreasing sales to drive further adoption

Source: B2B marketers start to see value in social media | CIO

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