Automaker Audi AG developing a system to sync wearables, car to create “automotive health” technology 

German automaker Audi AG is now developing “automotive health,” which is dedicated to enhancing someone’s health and fitness while they drive a car. As a founding partner in Berlin’s Flying Health Incubator, which supports startups that develop digital innovations in the healthcare sector, Audi is working to develop Audi Fit Driver, a system that would integrate wearable technology with the car’s own sensors.Under the motto, “My Audi cares for me,” the automaker envisions Audi Fit Driver becoming a supportive driving companion that enables drivers to arrive at their destination in a more relaxed and healthy state than when they got into the car. The car’s sensors will work together with a wearable – such as a smartwatch – to monitor the driver’s vital signs such as heart rate and skin temperature. Vehicle sensors will supplement the data with information on driving style, breathing rate and relevant environmental data such as weather or traffic conditions. Altogether, the car’s systems will respond accordingly to invigorate, relax or even protect the driver: for example, with a seat massage, appropriate air conditioning and interior lighting, adaptive infotainment, or in a later development phase, with a piloted emergency stop.Audi Fit Driver is far from ready to roll – it’s only being used in concept cars thus far – but the developers are serious about its intended impact on health.

Source: Automaker Audi AG developing a system to sync wearables, car to create “automotive health” technology | MobiHealthNews

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