Why API Monitoring Matters To Every Business

15820-12329-Screen-Shot-2016-02-05-at-101814-PM-lOne of the stealthy trends in business computing is the gradual rise in reliance on APIs. Almost every digital interaction involves an API being called to gather data or invoke some key action. You can’t play Words with Friends without APIs and WalMart cannot run its vendor-managed inventory without them either.APIs (also known as Application Programming Interfaces) allow one software application to communicate with another. APIs have been around as long as software in one form or another. But as APIs have become publicly accessible over the internet, there has been an explosion of innovation. But an even larger impact may come from internal use of APIs, as Dan Jacobson, VP of Edge Engineering for Netflix, points out in this article: “How A Netflix Tech Innovation Can Unleash Creativity in Your Business”.

Source: Why API Monitoring Matters To Every Business – Forbes

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