Akamai: US Lags in Broadband Speed, Especially in Wireless 

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Connectivity Report notes the average global broadband speed rose 23% since last year to 6.3 Mbps, but that the United States still lags a significant number of nations in terms of wired and wireless connection speeds. The Akamai study, which logs connections from millions of Akamai customers, found that the United States saw an average speed of 15.3 Mbps, putting the country in sixteenth place. The US ranked 22 in terms of average peak broadband speed of 67.8 Mbps.The US’ rather mediocre ranking is thanks to a number of factors, not least of which being geography and an overall lack of competition in the market, both of which have resulted in a significant amount of last-generation DSL customers telcos have little incentive to upgrade.South Korea continues to be the global leader in broadband speeds at 29 Mbps, an 8.6 percent gain over the fourth quarter of last year. Norway and Sweeden nab the number two and number three spots, at 21.3 and 20.6 Mbps, respectively.The United States actually fares notably worse when it comes to average mobile connection speeds, clocking in at 5.1 Mbps — behind nations such as Turkey, Kenya, and Paraguay. Previous studies have clocked the US at around 55th for average LTE connection speed. Those who put stock in rankings shouldn’t feel too badly however, as the United States came in second in the ranking of DDoS attack origin countries, and is the number one source country for web attacks, most aimed at retailers.The Akamai report also offers up some interesting state-by-state comparisons of broadband speed, noting that Washington DC holds first place for average fixed-line broadband connection speed at 24 Mbps. That’s followed by Delaware (21.2 Mbps), Rhode Island (20 Mbps), Massachusetts (19.9 Mbps), and Utah (19.7 Mbps) to round out the top five fastest states. That’s in stark contrast to Kentucky, which found itself in last place in the majority of the state rankings.The full Akamai report can be viewed here (pdf), with a video synopsis provided below.

Source: Akamai: US Lags in Broadband Speed, Especially in Wireless | DSLReports, ISP Information

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