The Agency-Brand Paths For Augmented And Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality and augmented reality may be traveling in the same basic direction but for agencies and brands, they’re on different roads.The SapientNitro display at the annual eTail East conference in Boston was dominated by a show of virtual reality featuring a digital apartment where information on items shown could be displayed simply by looking at the object.That particular display, also used at previous shows, was sort of an augmented reality experience inside a virtual reality headset.These sorts of demonstrations at trade shows tend to attract lots of attention, especially from those who have not seen or experienced either of the realities.Like other agencies, SapientNitro is involved with both augmented and virtual reality.At the eTail East show this week, I sat down with Jon Panella, vice president of commerce strategy at SapientNitro, for some agency insights into where virtual reality and augmented reality fit.“We’re playing in both spaces and we think there’s opportunity in both,” said Panella.“Certainly from an AR perspective, we’re definitely seeing applicability, when you look at things like furniture, appliances and bedding. It provides the ability to work with a client around how you would look at multiple items on a table at the same time. A place setting, plus a tablecloth and the glasses to go with it. How would that look in your house? And bringing that to the home for people to be able to look at. A lot of times in-store you don’t get the same experience.

Source: The Agency-Brand Paths For Augmented And Virtual Reality 08/19/2016

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