73% Of Marketers Surveyed Say Ecommerce Drives Revenues 

According to a new study by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), within the next two years, more than 80% of ANA marketer members will be conducting business via e-commerce.The ANA Survey Report, E-Commerce Insights, also revealed that 73% of marketers surveyed believe e-commerce drives revenue for their companies, and of those, 43% said such initiatives account for up to 10% of all sales.The study showed that currently:74% of respondents currently engage in some form of e-commerce66% reported e-commerce growth in the past year59% have dedicated e-commerce departmentsOf those companies not currently engaged in e-commerce, 23% plan on launching such an initiative in the next two years

Source: 73% Of Marketers Surveyed Say Ecommerce Drives Revenues 02/08/2017

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