7 reasons to gamify your cybersecurity strategy 

See larger imageImage courtesy thinkstockGame onData breaches continue to grow in number, size, severity and cost. With the increase in new security holes, vulnerabilities and attack vectors that need to be fixed, many businesses are turning to gamification to help employees adhere to cybersecurity best practices.Gamification is the process of engaging people and changing behavior using game mechanics in a non-game context. Essentially, it’s taking what’s fun about games and applying it to situations that maybe aren’t so fun.By using gamification, organizations are finding new ways to educate employees on the importance of cybersecurity, through gaming elements like one-on-one competitions, rewards programs and more. Mark Stevens, senior vice president of Global Services at Digital Guardian, provided seven reasons to use gamification to address data security.

Source: 7 reasons to gamify your cybersecurity strategy | CIO

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