6 Things First-Year Sales Reps Get Horribly Wrong

My first month of work at HubSpot was unforgettable. Working alongside and learning from marketing’s best of the best had me bursting with excitement and adrenaline, but it also rattled my nerves.My goal to hit the ground running full speed didn’t go as planned. I was a rookie trying to match the work of veterans and found myself making simple mistakes when my focus should have been on learning.In sales this exact scenario plays out all the time: A rookie is so determined to make a name for himself that he makes avoidable mistakes and falls into bad habits.Did you or someone you know just start their first sales job? If so, you might want to check out the following list. Below are six things first-year sales reps often get wrong.

Source: 6 Things First-Year Sales Reps Get Horribly Wrong

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