6 Personal Habits That Can Kill Your Business

Are you letting your personal life hurt your business? You may believe that when you set out for your office every morning you leave your personal life behind. However, each aspect of our lives tends to affect everything we do. The following are some personal habits that will hurt your business. 1. Burning the candle at both ends. A fuzzy mind will take three times as long to accomplish a project as a clear one. Get a good night’s sleep and make time for rest and recuperation. Go out on weekends with the guys for a drink. Go to your kids’ ball games. Designate a friend to pull you away a few times a month if you can’t do it yourself. 2. Being an office-chair potato. As well as sleep, you need exercise. Do you tie yourself to your desk 14 hours a day? Take some time out to jog, run, or spend an hour at the gym. Also make sure you get out of the office and talk to your employees. Spend a day on the production line or making deliveries to customers. Your team will appreciate it. 3. Stressing over personal finances. If your mind is preoccupied with how you are going to pay your mortgage or afford to send your child to college, it’s difficult to concentrate on growing your business. Hire a financial adviser and take control — your business will thank you.

Source: 6 Personal Habits That Can Kill Your Business | Inc.com

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