4 Tactics to Sell Expensive Products

While the high-margin items are the ones that keep your company in the green, a lot of people in sales lack confidence selling the most expensive items on the list.To win these sales, you need to approach them a different way.A few things to keep in mind:1. Be open-minded about your prospects. Never write off a prospect or assume they are not going to open their wallets and spend.Even the most frugal people treat themselves now and then. And just because you’ve dealt with someone like this prospect before does not mean your future experiences will be the same.Also never phone it in, no matter how unlikely you think the sale is. Any prospect, approached in the right way, can turn into a profitable sale.Related: Features Tell But Benefits Sell2. People will pay to have their problems solved. Even those who are usually loathe to spend money will happily part with large amounts to solve their biggest problems. Your job is to find out what they need and to explain how your product can help.People tend to spend their money in the areas that give them the most value, so don’t get too caught up focusing on your product’s great features. Instead, talk in terms of the benefits that your product or service offers.For instance, if you sell cars, find out why your prospect is in your lot looking for a new vehicle. Usually, there is a life event that has triggered the desire to pick out a new ride. They may have a new child on the way. They may have an older car that is getting to the limits of its useful life. Or, they’ve taken up a hobby like jet skiing and need something that can tow their toys to the water every weekend.Once you know why they need a new vehicle, you can start suggesting the models that will address their problem the best.Related: 5 Reasons Why Many Schools Don’t Offer Degrees in Sales

Source: 4 Tactics to Sell Expensive Products

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