4 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Switch Careers

My husband has been working in construction since he was 15 and by the time he was 20 was running his own company. It was a pretty good gig, until his joints began wearing out and the financial crisis of 2008 sent most of the contractors who owed him money into bankruptcy. So there he was–forty something–looking for a different way to keep the kids in shoes and food on the table.He had a couple of problems. First, as a self-made man doing his own thing for decades, his resume was pretty short. Second, he didn’t know if he could tolerate sitting at a desk working for someone else. But he took a gulp and reached out to a CEO he knew who was looking for salespeople. That was nearly two years ago. Today my man is a top-performer and responsible for bringing his company millions of dollars in new business. We both agree he should have moved into sales a long time ago.Here are several reasons it’s probably not too late for you, either.

Source: 4 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Switch Careers | Inc.com

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