Why 2016 will be the year of the customer

The next 12 months will prove critical for companies looking to bridge the divide between digitally savvy and empowered customers.As the new year rapidly approaches, Forrester has put its top predictions on the line and says 2016 will a year driven by complex, high-stakes customer-obsessed strategies.Year of the customer In 2016, business leaders will shift toward a customer-obsessed operating model, while laggards will aimlessly push forward with flawed digital priorities and disjointed operations.The new benchmark for brand management.Few companies recognize that managing your brand is all about managing your customers’ experiences, but in 2016, smart CMOs will change that — reshaping their teams, delivering connected brand experiences, and leading the race to true personalization — and the best CMOs will be tapped to become CEOs.Innovative B2C: Cracking the contextual code Marketers will face a hypercompetitive 2016 with one more year of digital experience under their belts, easier access to contextual insights, and improved technology. These factors will stimulate more and more mature contextual marketing efforts, which will change media buying, extend the role of marketing automation, and introduce new measurement practices.B2B: The mandate for lifetime engagementB2B buying has changed. Buyers prefer to do research themselves rather than rely on vendors’ sales reps. The result: a dramatic shift in the role and focus of B2B marketing organizations in four realms: go-to-customer strategy, the accelerating shift from art to science, tech investments, and B2B messaging.

Source: Why 2016 will be the year of the customer | Marketing Interactive

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