10 Signs You’re More Successful Than You Think You Are

Here’s the funny thing about success–no one can agree what the word means. The definition of the good life varies from person to person, as one individual prioritizes career glory while another values a nurturing home life.That means there’s no way to be successful without first deciding what you mean by the term. But it also means that, if you haven’t spent time really reflecting on your personal definition of success in a while, you could actually be closer to achieving it than you suspect.That’s the uplifting message of a great recent Lifehack post by Carles Sabarich. In it, Sabarich contends that “lack of clarity can make it easy to believe that you are a failure, even when all the evidence in your life … points to other conclusions.” He goes on to offer a monster list of 25 tells that you’re probably more successful than you currently feel. Here are 10 in brief to get you started.

Source: 10 Signs You’re More Successful Than You Think You Are | Inc.com

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