1 Simple Tweak That Makes Your LinkedIn Profile More Appealing

The man had no idea. How could he?Yet the words he spoke more than 80 years ago are responsible for every scrap of success I’ve ever seen happen on LinkedIn when it comes to generating more sales leads for yourself or your company.Before I tell you what those words were, I need to start by explaining why LinkedIn is the best place on the planet right now to generate more business-to-business (B2B) sales leads, clients and revenue for yourself online.With 400 million members in 200 countries, and adding 2 new members every second, LinkedIn has become a one-stop shop for finding, engaging and doing business with your ideal customers in the B2B space.The problem is, many people are making a critical mistake on the platform … one that sabotages their chances for success before they even get started.From 1936 to 2016Back to the words that changed everything for me when it came to seeing LinkedIn as a lead generation tool: “People are not interested in you. They are not interested in me. They are interested in themselves – morning, noon and after dinner.”Dale Carnegie (“How to Win Friends and Influence People”) first penned those words in 1936.They ring even more true in a 2016 social media landscape – particularly over on LinkedIn.Here’s what I mean: If you think about how most people pen their LinkedIn professional headline, it goes something like this:”Job Title, Company XYZ” And, on the face of it, this makes sense. After all, LinkedIn was originally viewed as a virtual job fair, with hiring managers and job seekers coming together and posting information inside a searchable database.As a result, many people created a LinkedIn professional headline that included their job title, company name, etc. … just like you’d find at the top of a résumé. Allow me to channel my inner Dale Carnegie for a moment: Nobody cares about you!You know what they do care about?What you can do for them.

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